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Petroyağ, serving the Turkish industry with its 22% market share in the industrial oil market, serving the Turkish industry, increasing its market share day by day, with its registered trademarks, and 20 dealers with more than 600 industrial companies, It aims to take place in 40 countries.

Being aware of its responsibilities, Petroyağ is at the top of the quality of industrial oils used in every aspect of life and important for human health, in a wide range from textiles to food, from iron to steel to cosmetics.


It is a highly refined oil of saturated non-polar hydrocarbons. Colorless, odorless, hydrophobic, non-fluorescent mineral oil. It is used in many fields of industry such as cosmetics, textile, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, plastics.
It is a high purity, homogenous, white-looking ointment. Used in medical, cosmetic, rubber production and veterinary drugs.
Foam cutter, manufacture of adhesive, production of leather chemicals, gasket, shoe sole production; Used as catalyst carrier in PP, PE, PS production; It is used as plasticizer in thermoplastic productions.
İyi rafine edilmiş teknik beyaz yağlardır. Otomotiv sanayi için kauçuk uygulamaları, yapı endüstrisi, asfalt üretimi, yapıştırıcı, baskı mürekkebi üretimi, otomotiv lastik üretimi, hortum, kablo ve bununla birlikte gıda ile temas etme riski olan plastik ürünlerin imali olmak üzere, hot melt üretimi, proses sanayi, gıda makineleri için madeni yağ formülasyonları ve gres üretiminde güvenle kullanılabilmektedir.
Kauçuk işlemesinde kullanılan, düşük ve yüksek sıcaklıklarda çalışabilen aromatik proses yağlarıdır. Dayanıklılık ve yük performansında katkı sağlar.
Transformer oils with electrical insulation and thermal stability are generally naphthenic based oils. Corona and is used in power and distribution transformers to prevent spark and cooling.
It is a pure paraffin based structure. It has low sulfur content and aromatic content. Suitable for aluminum and aluminum alloy rolling shafts. The US Food and Drug Administration meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b).
It is designed for aluminum rolling processes and is compatible with Petroyagh rolling oils. However, they are hydraulic oils developed specifically for the hydraulic systems of these units. Eliminates stain problems.
It is an additive developed to improve lubrication performance in aluminum cold rolling process. Usage concentrations may vary depending on the application.
It has a high degree of lubrication and offers a wide range of applications. It shows resistance against rust, dirt, bacteria and fungus formation. It shows excellent resistance to emulsion distribution.
It is developed as a mold release agent in casting machines. The shape will form a more stable oil film layer between the metal and the die, preventing corrosion that may occur between the metal and the mold surface.
It is suitable for separating steel, plywood and wooden molds from concrete. It provides smooth and smooth concrete surfaces without leaving any traces on the concrete surface. It extends the life of the molds and prevents rust in the mold connection equipments.
Modern brick, firebrick, decorative brick, paving stone production molds are suitable for production techniques. With its high flash point and low viscosity, excellent results are achieved in difficult conditions.
Suitable for use in the hydraulic systems in the industry with corrosion, moisture and rust inhibition properties suitable for high pressure and temperature wear.
With its high temperature flash point feature, it is suitable for use with excellent lubrication in the fields of manufacturing industry where fire risk is high along with high protection against rust, abrasion and corrosion.
They are specially formulated oils with superior performance, designed to protect metal parts from environmental factors. It prevents oxidation and corrosion on the surface.
It has been developed for the lubrication of steam and hydraulic turbines, high pressure hydraulic systems, air compressors, vacuum pumps and rolling bearing bearings which are developed by the special formulation of parafanic base oils, protecting the equipment under high temperature and mechanical stress.
They are formulated with special additives from high pressure resistant base oils. They are used for splashing, circulation and spray type lubrication systems, all types of gearboxes, redirectors, plain bearings, flexible bearings and similar equipments. It extends the life of the gear by preventing the wear, it is resistant to high oxidation. It provides protection against moisture, rust and corrosion.
It is a multi-purpose grease for the protection of conductors in high-voltage lines. Provides protection against corrosion, oxidation and corrosion. The product does not lose its stability up to -50 ° C while maintaining voltage lines at ambient temperatures up to 210 ° C. Minimizes oil leakage in lines after failure.
It is designed to protect and lubricate the steel wire ropes with the thickening formula of base oils, aiming to minimize friction and wear. High-performance wire rope lubricants form low friction barriers between metal surfaces, reducing friction and minimizing wear, while vibrations in high load-bearing ropes reduce the life of ropes.
High purity base oils specially designed for the aviation industry. It provides smoke formation in the demonstration planes. Easily applicable, compatible with the environment. It works in harmony with aircraft fuel.
With its special form developed from mineral and synthetic oils, it forms a strong lubricating layer with its adhesion to aluminum metal. It minimizes disintegration and protects pulleys and bearings and provides long lubrication time.
Copper and tinned copper is a group of products mainly developed for the drawing of wires. While reducing the wear in the cones and cones, the wire drawing speed increases. With its excellent emulsion stability, it minimizes wire breaks. Keeps foaming and bacteria formation to a minimum with its additive content. Protects machine parts and wire surface against rust.
The product, designed for the moist drawing of steel wires, provides the production of bright wire. It provides protection against temperature and oxidation degradation while creating superior surface quality in the produced wires.
Specially produced herbal products for the purpose of lubricating dough cutting machines, as well as compressor, hydraulic, chain and gear oils used in food and beverage machines.
Pharmaceutical white oils, aluminum soap and anhydrous calcium soap, grease suitable for use in food production plant equipment.
It is used to transport heat from heat transfer systems. Provides reliable long-term operation guarantee according to desired temperature ranges.
Polypropylene is a special product specially developed from pharmaceutical oil base oils for use in big-bag and sack production by mixing with water.
Specially designed multi-purpose sewing machine oil for use in the lubrication of needle, platinum, cam and other moving parts of sewing machines. Thanks to its unique structure, it protects the moving parts against wear and increases their life and protects them against rust.