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As a global market leader, Houghton understands the constantly changing and evolving challenges of the industry in which you operate. Constantly proud of offering the highest quality solutions, it constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Houghton helps you maximize your operations and productivity when it comes to a wide range of technologically superior products and uniquely designed services that are tailored to your needs.

Houghton’s exclusive formulas offer the industry’s best performance for critical cleaning stages of operations, providing a comprehensive range of products for process and surface treatment.


They are used for drilling, grinding, general machining of low to medium alloy steels, aluminum, titanium, composite and iron. They are grouped as pure cutting oils or water-miscible metalworking fluids that can be applied directly. In addition to excellent lubricating properties, it extends equipment and tool life. Provides high resistance to oxidation and rust.
The critical martensitic conversion, which is a heat treatment polymer, minimizes the risk of cracking and warping due to its low cooling rate and is used in high hardenable steels. It minimizes smoke formation, adds flexibility to cooling speed and eliminates the risk of fire.
They are used for fine, medium and coarse copper wire drawing applications and are used with excellent lubrication and cleaning properties.
The sleeve oils and the combustion-resistant hydraulic fluids are included in this group. Sledge oils are first class base oils with high load carrying capacity, which provide anti-adhesion and slip film. Combustible hydraulic fluids can be used with steel, copper, brass and anodized aluminum while providing effective corrosion protection. Provides excellent protection from system equipment while providing safety against fire and explosion.
They are water repellent products that prevent corrosion by medium or long term. It can be applied by different methods such as brushing, dipping or spraying. The film layer on the part surface provides excellent protection against corrosion after the solvent evaporates
Hot forging liquids form a film on the mold, allowing the parts to be easily removed from the mold. These products, which can be applied for steel, nickel and titanium, reduce productivity while increasing productivity.
Water based, solvent based or water-solvent based cleaners. These high activity formulations are designed to remove stubborn oils, greases, carbon, iron corrosion, surface coatings, and general production residues typically encountered in both new and remanufacturing processes. Fast, effective, efficient results are obtained.